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Subject: Re: infrasounds
From: Arie Verveer greensky@............
Date: Sun, 18 Jul 2004 11:17:44 +0800

Well sort off. I have detected Infra-sound from major fireball reentry's 
but these are
major regional events. The infra-sound impinges on the ground and your
seismograph detects the vibration. This vibration is in the upper portion of
the seismic spectra , say 0.5 hertz and above.

By the way, sound is refracted in the atmosphere just like seismic waves 
are refracted
in the earth. Also, infra-sound will refract  up in the atmosphere and 
eventually refract
back to to the earth then reflect off  the earth surface, and so on. The 
wave pattern becomes
very complex very quickly. So any possible detection within a few 
hundred kilometers will
soon just look like the seismic background.  Infra-sound from meteors 
can radiate down and
cause the infra-sound to seismic signature.

To detect infrasound you really need a specific detector. Actually,  I 
just have started the third
generation of this type of detector. When It's working I'll drop an 
email to this site with
construction details.


jse wrote:

> Hi all,
> I am thinking to build a easy seismometre.
> Is possible to  detect infrasouns in the atmosphera
> with this seismometre?
> which seismometre would be the adequate for this objective?
> Best Regards


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