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Subject: easy auctions
From: BOB BARNS royb1@...........
Date: Fri, 30 Jul 2004 11:17:16 -0400

   Everyone has things stashed in dead storage in their house which can 
be converted to cash with almost no effort.  (Better than putting it out 
on the curb.)
I have sold about 170 items on ebay and often received much more than I 
had estimated;ebay has an enormous audience with
seemingly unlimited disposable cash.
   Selling on ebay is somewhat involved;take good digital pictures, 
write an attractive ad, go thru all the input questions on
ebay, deal with possible questions by email, provide a convenient way 
for the buyer to pay and finally pack and ship the
   **You can now sell your stuff by simply dropping off the item at the 
UPS store in Berk. Hts., New Prov., Scotch Pls.
Westfield and many other locations all over the US.**
   You can read about the locations and the details of the process at
Briefly, the item should have an estimated value of $75 or more (I don't 
know who makes this estimate) and it must weigh less
than 20 lbs.
   I looked at several of their ads on ebay and they do an excellant job 
of taking the photos, describing the item and
presenting it in the ad.  (To see some examples, you can search ebay by 
seller name  "auctiondrop".)
   Their min. commission is $20;they take a certain percentage of the 
selling price--you get the rest.
   If you try this, I would like to hear about how it worked out.


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