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Subject: Re: easy auctions
From: Raul Alvarez ralvarez@........
Date: Sat, 31 Jul 2004 06:49:00 -0600

Hi Bob and others,

I went to Auctiondrops's website and was shocked!  38% commission + 2.9 
"transaction fee" + eBay's fees.
Wow, what a rip off!  Comes to about 45% in fees!  To make matters 
worse, they start the auction at $1, so if it doesn't make much you owe 
them the $19.99 minimum + transaction fee + eBay fee!  They can't loose.
Also noticed they only want the "cream" items - easy to sell, pack and ship.

I've been on eBay for almost 5 years now with 1,000's of items. It's 
quite simple to use their basic services.  All you need is a digital 
camera and a few minutes - you don't really need any special software or 
hosting site,  unless you want to fancy up your ads. And best of all - 
you are in control of your items.  Seems scary to drop off your stuff at 
UPS, and hope all goes well.

Well, that's my 4 cents worth - inflation, you know. :-D


BOB BARNS wrote:

> Hi,
>   Everyone has things stashed in dead storage in their house which can 
> be converted to cash with almost no effort.  (Better than putting it 
> out on the curb.)
> I have sold about 170 items on ebay and often received much more than 
> I had estimated;ebay has an enormous audience with
> seemingly unlimited disposable cash.
>   Selling on ebay is somewhat involved;take good digital pictures, 
> write an attractive ad, go thru all the input questions on
> ebay, deal with possible questions by email, provide a convenient way 
> for the buyer to pay and finally pack and ship the
> item.
>   **You can now sell your stuff by simply dropping off the item at the 
> UPS store in Berk. Hts., New Prov., Scotch Pls.
> Westfield and many other locations all over the US.**
>   You can read about the locations and the details of the process at
> Briefly, the item should have an estimated value of $75 or more (I 
> don't know who makes this estimate) and it must weigh less
> than 20 lbs.
>   I looked at several of their ads on ebay and they do an excellant 
> job of taking the photos, describing the item and
> presenting it in the ad.  (To see some examples, you can search ebay 
> by seller name  "auctiondrop".)
>   Their min. commission is $20;they take a certain percentage of the 
> selling price--you get the rest.
>   If you try this, I would like to hear about how it worked out.
> Bob
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