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Subject: Re: easy auctions
From: BOB BARNS royb1@...........
Date: Sat, 31 Jul 2004 20:30:46 -0400

Hi Raul,
   First, I am enjoying the exchanges of viewpoint on this;I am not 
upset in the least.
   Your ability to do all these things for yourself is admirable but 
VERY unusual.  I have also done some, for example, I replaced the 
crankshaft in a car--twice!  (The second time was not necessitated by 
poor workmanship on the first instance.) :-)
   I have several friends who might be interested in realizing a few 
bucks from unwanted things but who are totally incapable of using ebay. 
  For example, they have no digital camera.  One friend is simply afraid 
of putting up an auction.  My posting was intended to help this sort of 

Raul Alvarez wrote:
> Hi Bob,
> Sorry that you disagree with me.  Guess my opinion about their fees 
> comes from a lifetime of "DIY'ing". I strongly believe that people 
> should be self sufficient. In my 60 years, I have always done all my 
> automotive, plumbing, electrical and other repairs, built three homes by 
> myself, and so on.  When you don't have much, it's hard to give it to 
> someone when you can just do the work rather than pay to have it done.
> You said it takes two hours to do a whole auction. Do you mean ONE item 
> or a group of items?  Also consider that they only want "easy" stuff to 
> sell - check their list of items accepted. For example, 45% of, say, a 
> $500 sale is $225.  That's a 7.5 hours of work at the rate you quoted!  
> Just look at the examples and what they are selling right now.
> Sure wish I could make that kind of profit for placing just one item on 
> eBay. BTW, to answer your question about my process. I do not use any of 
> the auction services or software - just need to have more control I 
> guess.  I generated a template with "Dreamwever" - an HTML generator.  
> Then I just plug in the ad text details and pictures.  Copy and paste 
> this to the ebay posting page and it's done.
> Again, sorry if it upset you.
> Raul
> BOB BARNS wrote:
>> Raul,
>>   My notice was to inform those who would like to realize some money 
>> from otherwise useless items and do not want to bother with the usual 
>> process.
>>   I think your characterization of the service as a "rip off" ignores 
>> the realities of providing a service like this.  They obviously have 
>> to make a profit or get out of the business.  I'm a little surprized 
>> that they will handle an item for as little as $20.
>>   It takes me at least 2 hrs. to do a whole auction.  If my time is 
>> worth $30/hr., this is at least $60.  Your having done "1000's" of 
>> items shows that you must have a better process than I do, but I 
>> suspect that I'm more representative of the "common man".
>> Bob
>> Raul Alvarez wrote:
>>> Hi Bob and others,
>>> I went to Auctiondrops's website and was shocked!  38% commission + 
>>> 2.9 "transaction fee" + eBay's fees.
>>> Wow, what a rip off!  Comes to about 45% in fees!  To make matters 
>>> worse, they start the auction at $1, so if it doesn't make much you 
>>> owe them the $19.99 minimum + transaction fee + eBay fee!  They can't 
>>> loose.
>>> Also noticed they only want the "cream" items - easy to sell, pack 
>>> and ship.
>>> I've been on eBay for almost 5 years now with 1,000's of items. It's 
>>> quite simple to use their basic services.  All you need is a digital 
>>> camera and a few minutes - you don't really need any special software 
>>> or hosting site,  unless you want to fancy up your ads. And best of 
>>> all - you are in control of your items.  Seems scary to drop off your 
>>> stuff at UPS, and hope all goes well.
>>> Well, that's my 4 cents worth - inflation, you know. :-D
>>> Raul
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