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Subject: Re: PSN map and list clean up
From: Karl Cunningham karlc@..........
Date: Sat, 21 Aug 2004 07:45:02 -0700

Hi Dave --

Great to hear from you.

I've checked my listing and all is ok except the email address.  Which
brings up another point...  Being as the list is on a publicly-accessible
web page, we probably should list people's email addresses disguised in
some way to discourage spammers.  I've heard spammers are wise to stuff
like "joe at domain dot com" so we probably should use something a bit more
creative than that.

In any case, please change my email address on the list to
seismo8@...........  I have my own domain and mail server, so I can use
whatever email address I like.  Using seismo8 will let me see when the
spammers have figured out the disguise.

Thanks for your work in this.



--On Saturday, August 21, 2004 23:09 +1000 Dave Nelson

>  Hi guys,
>                after some 5 years of the PSN map and database being online
> I have decided its time to do a cleanout   ie. some spring cleaning   :)
>   I'm sure  there are people listed in the database that are no longer
> active either in seismology or on the email listserver
>  The best way, I think, to sort this out is for everyone to email me
> ( DIRECTLY)    not via the list server   we dont wanna clutter it up
> to confirm their presence within the PSN group
>  Anyone not heard from within 1 month of this email will be deemed no
> longer active and will be noted as ready from removal within the
> following month 1 month should be long enuf for people to respond
> unless they are on excessively long holidays ( lucky people  :)    )
> you may want to take this opportunity to check ur listing details and
> make sure they are correct and let me know what, if anything, needs
> changing
> looking forward to hearing from you all
> cheers
> Dave 


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