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Subject: Re: PSN map and list clean up
From: Mauro Mariotti mariotti@.........
Date: Tue, 24 Aug 2004 15:12:31 +0200

Hi Dave,

i confirm my station with 3 axis
1 vertical 1.2 seconds
2 horizontal 5 seconds
16 bit a/d

Perugia - Italy


At 15:09 21/08/2004, you wrote:
>  Hi guys,
>                after some 5 years of the PSN map and database being online
>I have decided its time to do a cleanout   ie. some spring cleaning   :)
>   I'm sure  there are people listed in the database that are no longer active
>either in seismology or on the email listserver
>  The best way, I think, to sort this out is for everyone to email me
>( DIRECTLY)    not via the list server   we dont wanna clutter it up
>to confirm their presence within the PSN group
>  Anyone not heard from within 1 month of this email will be deemed no longer
>active and will be noted as ready from removal within the following month
>1 month should be long enuf for people to respond   unless they are on 
>long holidays ( lucky people  :)    )
>you may want to take this opportunity to check ur listing details and make 
>sure they are correct and let me know what, if anything, needs changing
>looking forward to hearing from you all


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