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Subject: WQFilter demo
From: "rem11560@............
Date: Thu, 26 Aug 2004 04:57:51 GMT

Hi all,

  On seismicnet's "New PSN Earthquake Data Files" page, you will find listed:

040821.080000.jcc1x.psn * M4.3 1,609 km from Pearland,TX (raw and WQFILTER'd) : GULF OF CALIFORNIA (GIF Image)

  I prepared and submitted this file using the data from:

040821.075808.jcc1.psn M 4.3 ,1,609 km from Pearland,TX. USA (single spring) (raw data) GULF OF CALIFORNIA (GIF Image)

  It is an excellent demonstration of the ability of the period extending filter in WQFilter.exe to resurrect long period data from a short period sensor. To make comparison easier, I forced channel jcc1 to have the same full scale display as channel jcc1x by patching in 18760 as the first data point. If you download this file, take a look at the spectra of the two channels (exclude the first few seconds of data), as well as an expanded scale inspection of the waveforms. Look at "Data Operations" to see what was done to make jcc1x.


Bob McClure

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