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Subject: all the best for the new year
From: Mark Robinson mark.robinson@...............
Date: Sat, 01 Jan 2005 05:55:34 +1300

Hi everybody,

The phrase "rock my world" just went out of fashion.

I wonder if there is any software about that can monitor a seismograph signal, 
pick P and S arrivals, calculate magnitude, location, tsunami threat level, 
tsunami time of arrival over a defined coastline map, automatically consult and 
vote with other neighbouring stations on the threat level, and flip a bit on a 
serial or parallel port if everything is looking really ugly, perhaps morse code 
"TS" ? You know, all the bells and whistles.

My coding skills suck these days, but I'll contribute whatever I can to such a 
project if it doesn't exist, and if anyone else wants to, purely in my own 
interests, living as I do on seaside sand dunes on an active part of the 
intersection of the pacific and australien plates.

Enjoy your friendships in celebrating the New Year.
Mark Robinson
01 Jan 1853 The strongest known earthquake in the New Plymouth area. 6.5.
01 Jan 1854 Sir James George Frazer, author and scholar, born.
01 Jan 1867 First Chinese immigrants to NZ arrive at Hokitika.
01 Jan 1897 Author E M Forster born.
01 Jan 1950 Castro seizes power in Cuba, Batista flees.
01 Jan 1984 Mimiwhangata Marine Park established.
01 Jan 1991 Presidents Bush and Gorbachev condemn Iraqi conquest of Kuwait in
             New Year's messages.

There's a mainframe wrecker about 70km from here that sells semiconductor relays 
for $NZ3 each. These are easy to drive off a port pin.

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