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Subject: Re: all the best for the new year
From: sismos@..............
Date: Fri, 31 Dec 2004 14:03:54 +0000

Hello Mark,

Most of what you describe is quite possible. I think that the all the
PSN stations that have permanent connections to the internet accurate
time and a known locations could contribute. It would also help if the
polarity of the signal was correct and finally if the transfer
function was known. I think we could locate events with seconds with a
loose network.

All of the code is written and free all we have to do is assemble it
and make it work.  I'm interested any other taker on such a project.
I was going to propose it in a week or so anyway.

Happy New Year to all.

Best regards,


PS Mark, tell me more about the relays, I might want a bunch.

Friday, December 31, 2004, 4:55:34 PM, you wrote:

MR> Hi everybody,

MR> The phrase "rock my world" just went out of fashion.

MR> I wonder if there is any software about that can monitor a seismograph signal,
MR> pick P and S arrivals, calculate magnitude, location, tsunami threat level,
MR> tsunami time of arrival over a defined coastline map, automatically consult and
MR> vote with other neighbouring stations on the threat level, and flip a bit on a
MR> serial or parallel port if everything is looking really ugly, perhaps morse code
MR> "TS" ? You know, all the bells and whistles.

MR> My coding skills suck these days, but I'll contribute whatever I can to such a
MR> project if it doesn't exist, and if anyone else wants to, purely in my own
MR> interests, living as I do on seaside sand dunes on an active part of the
MR> intersection of the pacific and australien plates.

MR> There's a mainframe wrecker about 70km from here that sells semiconductor relays
MR> for $NZ3 each. These are easy to drive off a port pin.


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