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Subject: Re: all the best for the new year
From: Mark Robinson mark.robinson@...............
Date: Sat, 01 Jan 2005 09:00:17 +1300

sismos@.............. wrote:
> All of the code is written and free all we have to do is assemble it
> and make it work.  I'm interested any other taker on such a project.
> I was going to propose it in a week or so anyway.
> PS Mark, tell me more about the relays, I might want a bunch.

Hi Angel,

Thanks for the encouragement.

Here's the bag of relays from my collection :

As you can see they range in switching capacity and sensitivity. I think they are 
all zero crossing switched and optoisolated to 5kV. You will find datasheets for 
some of them on the net.

The ones that boast 3-32V control will happily work directly off a port pin, and 
switch easily enough mains AC to run an obnoxiously loud siren or whatever.

The Cat Man / New Age Materials is the computer wrecker, you can look at their 
website at
I reckon last time I was there there were about 50-150 in the bucket, including a 
number of less switching capacity than those in the picture. That was a few 
months ago though.

I envision a system consisting of a suitable UPS, compact wideband seismic sensor 
(better work without this as I don't have one here) with versatile networking 
options. Any old laptop running a bootable linux or *BSD CD image is attractive.


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