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Subject: Re: all the best for the new year
From: Mark Robinson mark.robinson@...............
Date: Sat, 01 Jan 2005 13:49:37 +1300

ian wrote:
> Happy New Year too.
> The USGS said on the day of the disaster that they were aware of the in 
> coming tsunamis before they hit but didn't know who to contact.  So the 
> problem is not one of detection - the usgs have that covered - but one 
> of dissemination.

Hi Ian,

Agreed, the problem is dissemination and communication, and the top down 
structure which is constrained by diplomatic protocols is too slow to be 
affective for many people, including me, for local events. Devices such as those 
I propose could mitigate these delays and save many many lives in similar future 

For me, safety from a large tsunami is a 7 minute drive on empty roads, or an 
hour walking and running. The local fire siren going off withing a minute or so 
of the initiating tremblor could reduce the radius without warning immensely, 
especially compared to people working their way through a documented protocol 
with a telephone. Let alone the political ramifications for many states who do 
not enjoy good political relations with the USA. We have already seen the USGS 
public face restricted for strategic reasons in the aftermath of 11Sep2001.

I note that Indonesia now expects their death toll to be in the vicinity of 400,000.

"KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 30 (Bernama) -- The death toll in Acheh, the region worst hit 
by last Sunday's tsunami, may exceed 400,000 as many affected areas could still 
not be reached for search and rescue operations, Indonesia's Ambassador to 
Malaysia Drs H. Rusdihardjo said Thursday.

He said the estimate was based on air surveillance by Indonesian authorities who 
found no signs of life in places like Meulaboh, Pulau Simeulue and Tapak Tuan 
while several islands off the west coast of Sumatera had "disappeared".

He said the latest death toll of more than 40,000 in Acheh and northern Sumatera 
did not take into account the figures from the other areas, especially in the 
west of the region.


regards all

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