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Subject: Stand Alone A/D converter
From: "Geoff" gmvoeth@...........
Date: Thu, 19 Jan 2006 19:15:19 -0700

Hello you eggheads;

Not trying to offend anyone it is just
an affectionate term I use for academically
oriented person/persons.

The results following this question might be of interest
for newbie Amateurs just getting into
this sport I would like to have known
the answer to this question 10 years ago.

I got this problem that can only be
solved by someone with experience
with the exact/precise thing of which
I speak here.

I am in need of a stand alone 16 bit
A/D converter that can interface with
an IBM style laptop via parallel/serial/USB ports.
It must be totally controllable via the
laptop for sample rates meaning the trigger
for each sample to be read is to be ordered
by the laptop running a custom built program.
It needs to acquire data at the rate of 100
samples per second or slower.

It needs to be quiet down to the last
LSb so the entire 16 bit word can be used.
It needs to provide -120dbv or so isolation
between (the computer and/or the power supply)
and the input to the converter.

I have tried only one A/D converter
a model 40-12 by a company called Prairie Digital
out of Du Sac, WI   this device seems to
lack the isolation I need and also radiates
terribly its color burst clock frequency.
It is relatively noisy forcing me to use
only the top 9 bits of its 12 bit capability.
This device is pretty much what I am looking
for in a converter but just too darn noisy.

If any of you kind folks out there will
please take mercy on my soul and tell me
where I can find a device like this
Prairie Digital but designed for serious (quiet)
data collection  I sure would like to know.

Please feel free to answer me direct
via  .

I have looked around and found a mess of
internal cards to plug into a computer
but What I am looking for is a stand alone
device which one of you seismic gurus have
used before with excellent results.
One which can be outfitted with battery backup.

Thanx Ahead Of Time;

p.s. this question is not designed to cause any
troubles I was just wondering if any of you
out there know this off the top of your head.

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