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Subject: Re: Noise that my geophone picks up
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Date: Fri, 20 Jan 2006 22:20:50 -0700

Are you the Frimann (Freeman) of Half Life two ???

If you are looking higher than two
hertz you are probably plagued
by all kinds of man made noises
and if you are looking under
one hertz you should find
terrible microseisms about
point two hertz.

I find it best to limit things
between point four hertz and
two hertz if at all possible
you want a flat response range
in this area to see P waves.

If you want to see P,S,L waves
you need a flat response between
point oh five and two hertz
but then you will need to turn down your gain
to avoid the added noise of a wide
band receiver from all sources.

I am in a terrible bad noisy place
and considering trying a high gain
narrow band receiver with a Q
of 10 or so and centered on or just
below 1 Hz to see only the
P waves of teleseismic events.

I would be interested in hearing
from people who have battled the
man made noises.

I understand the quietest place you can put your
Geophone is directly on bedrock but since
bedrock might be 800 feet deep it is not
an option I can try.

All the noise I speak of is in the
Southwest Desert of Arizona and
(I understand)
the noise profile is highly dependent
upon geographics.

For all you experts, I just want to
share my personal experiences here
as a layman I am not trying to
supersede your efforts to maintain
a scientifically pure world
of Amateur Seismology.


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