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Subject: Winquake Ascii Text File
From: "Geoffrey" gmvoeth@...........
Date: Sat, 25 Feb 2006 22:54:38 -0700

Hello PSN:

Could someone please send me a Winquake
Ascii text file so I may check my conversion
from a raw 8 bit format to Winquake ascii.

This is what I think it should look like:

----------------START of File------------------
! PSN ASCII Event File Format 1.0
Start Time: yyyy/dd/mm hh:mm:ss.s
Number of Samples: nnnn
SPS: 18.205556
A/D Converter Bits:
Data Minimum: -127
Data Maximum: 128
! Sensor Information:
Sensor Location: Apache Junction, Arizona
Sensor Latitude: 33.421380
Sensor Longitude: -111.574770
Sensor Orientation: Z
! Event Information:
Event Latitude:
Event Longitude:
Event Time:
Event Magnitude:
Event Depth:
! WinQuake Information:
Magnitude Correction:
Mb Magnitude Correction:
Ms Period: 20.000000
Mb Period: 1.000000
Md Duration:
PS Pick Information:
! SDR Information:
Lock Indicator:
-2 <------------- First Data Point
--------------END Of File--------------------

I am guessing those are minus signs
in front of the two data points.
I am not certain what the file extension
should be or if I am missing something else.

I am too cheap to buy Winquake at this time
but I would like to be able to share my files
with people who have this program.

I understand only the first four lines are necessary.

This text file is one I tried to convert:

If you have Winquake you can try it out
and please tell me what happens.



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