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Subject: Re[2]: Siberia 7.6 on an FMES
From: Angel sismos@..............
Date: Sat, 22 Apr 2006 21:59:35 +0000

Hello Erich and Bob,

Thanks, but all of the credit goes to Dave Nelson for dreaming up the
idea and spending countless hours on this project.

That particular FMES is in a vault and I live in a generally quite
place. The vault is about 60 yards from the house and I get the signal
to the house via TCP/IP. The digitizer is a single channel 24 bit $150
device from which goes into an Earthworm transport
buffer and then published on the internet. My other FMES's are on a
WinSDR system. I must add that my Winsdr board also exports to an
Earthworm system.

In its most simple from and FMES can be built in an afternoon with
stuff you can get a hardware store.  The fluid is made conductive with
distilled water a .5% antifreeze and .1% anti-foam (Rug Doctor fluid).
a newer model
Transducer end
corner of my shop an FMES is under the table under the silver foam
insulation box
Dave elelctronics, the schematics and board files are available. The
LED make setup a snap.
new FMES on the work table
more of the above
Dave style base
Early FMES, they work real well and is made from hardware store stuff
an FMES in my vault
Electrode parts before assembly mexico jan 4 on early
fmes 60 minute time scale pinch valve, no longer
Sandwich Island quake and a little local event on first line and a bit
of noise on the second line. 120 minutes per line
Transducer parts
Assembles transducer
more transducer details
more detail
restriction detail
my broadband top lineand the FMES on the bottom line
BB and FMES in my vault

I am sure that there are hundreds of ways to configure an FMES, these
just a few.

I will be on vacation for the next three weeks (starting the 28th) but
will be but will try to check my mail and will be glad to help anyone
get one of these going.  I am sure that Dave will help also.

I will try to write a bit more after dinner.  I talked to Dave and he
is going to pipe in.



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