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Subject: RE: Land is dropping down 7 - 10 km away from me
From: "Timothy Carpenter" geodynamics@.......
Date: Wed, 28 Jun 2006 17:17:18 -0400


It's hard to tell for sure, but my interpertation of satellite imagry of =
mountain (Google Earth coords, 65.418945, -20.754032) suggests a huge
mudslide encompassing about 4-square kilometers. You indicate that the =
may be over 1000 years old. It is possible that it is being reactivated =
it may still be "creeping". If there are valuable resources, including =
near the foot or on the old slide area, then you should consider =
local officials of the "new" movements your dad observed.

While you're hiking in the area, watch for trees that show signs of =
tilted. Sometimes you can estimate when movement last occurred by noting
where the lower trunk of a tree is bent over while the upper part is =
straight up. The closer the bend is to the top of the tree, the younger =
ground movement.

A secondary danger from slides of this type comes from damming of creeks =
streams like the one on the southwest side of the mountain. When the =
builds up enough to overtop the dam, there can be a catastrophic =
endangering whatever lies downstream.

I doubt that your triaxial geophone package would be able to discern =
even a
major landslide from Hvammstangi. You could however, install a series of
stakes and measure the displacement over a period of time to see how =
the movement is occuring and if it accelerates after heavy rainfall or

Keep in mind that the ground is probably unstable and you take on extra =
whenever you are in a landslide area. Most importantly, though, is that =
avoid the area or be especially cautious after heavy rains or in the =


Timothy Carpenter
GeoDynamics Consultants, Inc.
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Commerce Township, Michigan 48382

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Subject: Land is dropping down 7 - 10 km away from me

Hi all

I did just speak to my dad, who is a farmer and lives on the other side
of the mountin in my county. He told me something really intresting. It
appears that the land above his farm, hig up in the mountin has been
dropping down, this drop was large enugh so that the dirt and grass
roots can be seen, as he told me, this appears to be a rift that is few
meters in length and few meters in wide. I am going to check this out
next weekend, if I get the weather to go up there. Where this is at
least 7 - 11 km away from my location and I don't belive that I have
detected earthquakes becose of this. I have no idea what might be
creating this at this time. But this is defenetly something I need to

On this map, it is at the top of the mountin, above the super mud flood
that did happen there for ?? thousends of years ago (problay),,-20.754032&spn=3D0.03277=
3&t=3Dk&om=3D1 in the small U shape from below the main higland.

I am going to take a pictures of this next weekend, if I get the chance
to go up there.

J=F3n Fr=EDmann


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