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Subject: Re[2]: Using a Mac as a seismometer
From: Angel sismos@..............
Date: Mon, 17 Jul 2006 20:33:06 +0000

Hi Everyone!

I am alive and even doing email.

I just returned from a great workshop in Brazil and attended two day
of lectures by Erhard Wielandt of STS-2 fame! He makes it all seem simple.

Anyway I got to see the Seismac on a Mac working. The new mac and
other laptops have a freefall sensor that parks the harddisk head if
it senses a freefall condition. It has three axis and samples at 200
sps and and you can see people walking around the room, heavy people
anyway. Real cute but not much else.

I reference to the radio thread.  At 8 kilometers I would use just the
ISM band radios (2.4 gHz or the 5.3-5.8 gHz) is there was line of
sight.  It would be very easy, I do it in several places and with some
much longer shots.

Larry thanks for the work on the Earthworm modules. I will be
downloading them tonight.

Dave Nelson has been doing some great work on the FMES, we should post
things there soon.

Hi Chris, Hi Karl.



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