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Subject: Re: GPS error message
From: George Bush ke6pxp@.......
Date: Fri, 24 Nov 2006 10:31:00 -0800


Years ago I bought a system from you (SDR, PSN-ADC-16, Amp/filter Board,
and GPS timing system). All has been working flawlessly for the past few
years. Last month I took a vacation for 10 days and turned the system and
computer off for the duration. All worked well on turn-on, except the GPS
is not locking the time and I get an error message that says "Time Diff:
-3649616 to large"? I was wondering if the GPS board/ antenna system is
working and inspected the box and the 1 pps led is working so it is getting

Do you have any ideas of what else I could check or what might be wrong???

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