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Subject: GEOLOGY of GVA, Digital Camera MOV file
From: Geoffrey gmvoeth@...........
Date: Sun, 2 Jan 2011 19:15:38 +0000

Hello PSN;

Below is a short video file type [QuickTime] MOV
which I took the other day of the
area in which Apache Junction AZ is located.

I have WMP12 and it will play these MOV files.
Otherwise you might need QuickTime available online.
You need the codecs for MOV files, or most likely, can not be played.

Its called Basin and Range and is located
close to the base of the Colorado Plateau.
(Or so I understand)

The bedrock here can be 800 feet below the surface terrain.

Goldfield mountains to the North.
FourPeaks with snow on it to the NE.
Core of a Volcano.
Slightly North of East is the
Superstition Mountains which I understand to be 20 million years old.
Straight North a ways, up the road on which this was shot,
is station GVA.

The human noise is terrible here.
Apache Junction is brimming with Vultures
of both the Human and Dinosaur kind.


PLEASE, remove the brackets , copy and paste into your browser to download the file.

Happy New Year,

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