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Subject: Re: Google earth
From: Geoffrey gmvoeth@...........
Date: Wed, 5 Jan 2011 16:56:03 +0000

Why not just go to the USGS site,
one of their location choices is Google Earth.

It functions well most of the time.

Look up the following location.


elevation 247 feet

see if you can find alfred hitchcock.


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From: Ted Channel
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Subject: Google earth

Hi Folks,   I have a dying computer..........bought a new one Window 7, and I am loading things.   I have Winquake installed and 
Google earth.   I can not get google earth to point (fly) to events or stations as before.   In winquake it will launch Google earth 
but there is nothing in the temporary folders as before.   I am using the latest Google and Winquake.   I think this happen before 
on the old system the first time I tried it.

Help please.



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