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Subject: Re: Human Seismic Activity
From: Geoffrey gmvoeth@...........
Date: Thu, 3 Feb 2011 15:59:53 +0000

Thanks for your antworten guys,

All very interesting,
The only railroad tracks I see here
is where the sheriffs peoples transferred
me as a captive from one car to another
transporting me to Tucson from Apache Junction
around 1989, thatís near Florence Junction
quite far from here. They make you take off
shoes and belt and walk you barefoot from one car
to another, across the railroad tracks, keeping your hands cuffed behind your back
at all times. After you get out of the stupid
nut house in Tucson they are not nice
enough to give you a ride home again.
They make stupid comments like "Better Watch Your Back"
"Don't Come around My Neighborhood"
" I donít care what you Did, I just Know You Did Something"
"Where's Your Gun, Did you throw it out the Window"
(Its Locked Up At My Home)
When you have no knowledge of who any of them are
in the first place. Cops around here are Neanderthals
with only a kindergarten degree.
None of them know or care anything of where I come from.
None of them read Miranda Rights.
All they care about is their paychecks.
None of them care about any kind of Rights.
Many Sheriffs' peoples in Arizona are suitable ONLY for the Golden GloveBox Award.
In any case, the railroad is too far away
to be making this commotion/Signature.
I think it may relate to Construction going on near
the Central Arizona College about two miles
to the EAST of here.
The Main street is relatively new and all busted up by something really really heavy.
I think heavier than concrete trucks, fully loaded.

I must warn all of you, The staff members of those Nut houses
are far less educated than yourselves and do not justify
their incomes. They are Nuns and Convicts or
Dropouts. You can not hold a meaningful,rational conversation with
any of them. They are all prejudiced and dedicated toward your destruction.
Me thinks they are agents of Organized Crime, They are the Ancient Enemies of Freedom/Liberty/Autonomy.

By The Way,
What is a Good number range for the Winquake EQ Magnitude Correction Factor ?

If you want to retire around your own kind of science peoples,
I see no signs of intelligent life here, but us captives.
Nothing but church people and farmers and Canadian (who knows whats)
You might make a zillion dollars and get lead poisoned while repairing stained glass windows.


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Subject: Re: Human Seismic Activity

Hi Randy- A comment on Trains:
I record back-ground noise to compute Shear wave velocities with the Refraction Microtremor method-ReMi, MASW is another popular 
method used by geotechnical engineers to do the same.

As you know we have RR tracks running thru Las Vegas and I find the trains produce Surface waves (Mostly Rayleigh which has a large 
vertical component) better than any other man made Seismic Noise

Jim O'Donnell BC-Geophysics
Geophysical Consultant/Contractor
Geotechnical/Geothermal/Oil & Gas/Mining Applications
Seismic Surveys- Surface Waves, Refraction, & Reflection
Ground Penetrating Radar, Resistivity, Magnetic, & VLF-EM Surveys
Geophysics@..........  702.293.5664  702.281.9081 cell
Boulder City, NV

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From: "Randall Pratt" 
Subject: Re: Human Seismic Activity
Date: Thu, 3 Feb 2011 08:53:09 -0600


I would suspect railroad traffic sequenced along a track.  During the night when other traffic is quiet you may see the railroad 
from farther distance.  In my location the noise builds and then decays over several minutes.  I donít see one every hour but there 
is a daily schedule that shows up and when the wind is right I hear the whistle to verify.



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