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Subject: Re: Human Seismic Activity
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Howdy Joe,

if you have a psn file please
point me to it on the internet
or send me an attachment
in a personal reply.


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This is my first post so please forgive me if I make any mistakes.

My little setup is located about 200 yards from a western freight-train route in and out of the Houston, TX terminals. When I first 
started out I thought this massive, biblical-type seismic wave would be my outright downfall. But, thanks to a lot of help from you 
guys (see I do read the mail) I discovered that it was easy to filter out the train – even smack dab in the middle of a large event.

Over the past 3 years I have gotten pretty good in determining the length, speed and mass of every freight train that comes by. It 
presents a beautiful seismogram of a very close wiggle. Of course no amateur seismologist in their right mind would want to place a 
John Cole sensor on horrible Gulf gumbo and located so close to a train track that teeth can get rattled loose. But, that’s my lot 
in life so I muddle along.

It occurred to me that I can remove the filtering from my helicorder GIF and everyone can see what these things look like. Just 
holler if you’d like to see it.



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Subject: Re: Human Seismic Activity

I would suspect railroad traffic sequenced along a track.  During the night when other traffic is quiet you may see the railroad 
from farther distance.  In my location the noise builds and then decays over several minutes.  I don’t see one every hour but there 
is a daily schedule that shows up and when the wind is right I hear the whistle to verify.

    Hi Randy,

    From this I assume that you still have steam trains with very heavy engines, in the US? We are mostly electrified with motors in 
each carriage, but there are some local Diesel trains. We don't often see train signals, unless we are very close to a line.




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