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Subject: Lehman seismometer movement
From: Steinar Midtskogen steinar@.............
Date: Sat, 12 Mar 2011 19:01:39 +0100

My SEP seismometer (Lehman type) went off the scale for two hours
during the Japan quake.  I'm 8200 km away.  I had a look at the
instrument while this while going on and I'm pretty sure that I could
see the weight moving, very slowly.  I approached it as slowly as I
could and stopped a meter away from it so I wouldn't disturb it, and
watched for a few minutes.  It seemed to move irregularly, not just
swinging back and forth.

Does this sound plausible or was I simply imagining this?

Also, I'm pretty impressed with my 4.5 Hz geophones.  Even with a 0.01
Hz (100s) lowpass filter the S wave shows up beautifully.  The data
from the Lehman seismomter are not very useful for analysis as the
data are heavily clipped.


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