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Subject: Re: Best Op Amp for A Seismic Preamp ?
From: Geoffrey gmvoeth@...........
Date: Tue, 15 Mar 2011 06:16:47 +0000

Hello Mr. Chapman;

Research takes a significant quantity of human life to do.

I ask the world first knowing full well someone else has already done such research.

There are so awful many parameters to look at compare.

No one need to tell me to do this.

the simple answer is just either Yes or No answer and whatever else.

I do not care if you know or not know whatever answer.

the answer just tells me how honest a person really is when I look at their answers.

Thanks for the recommendation.

In poking about the internet here and there I generally find only assholes  :-o
and no real Engineers.

Without an engineer a scientist would be totally lost.
The Scientist does not know the capabilities and limitations
of the State-of-the-art. Only what may/might be possible.

I have talked with several genuine industrial Engineers in my lifetime.
And only a very few scientist.
They are very honest and to the point. They do not play
mind games. They do not even think law or national security,
I think they may even be over sheltered from life itself.
I have not yet found such a person to answer questions. publically,  on the internet.
Everyone is looking for only money or sex. (stupid human animals)

If the pinout is identical, or close I will check it out.

There's really no need to tell me to research when I know others already have the answer.
Having to repeat that ground others have already covered is a waste of human life.
Which Our government has pledged to protect. :-?

It is my attitude with intellectual knowledge thusly:
If I am not allowed keep my personal secrets, then no one else is free to keep theirs, either.
Uncle Sam challenges me everywhere I go.
From Blood tests to Urinalysis to mind probing of the worst kind.
They seem to embrace the Bible above the Constitution.
They are proven my enemy at the very instant they do this.


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From: Christopher Chapman
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Subject: Re: Best Op Amp for A Seismic Preamp ?

Subject: Best Op Amp for A Seismic Preamp ?

I just purchased an OP027 to replace the OP177 which I now use but saw no difference in the results. The baseline shifted 200mV but 
that compensated nicely using the zero feature at pins one and eight.  Can anyone say there's a better Op Amp than these to use as a 
Preamp ?  Hi Geoff, You can type the opamp numbrs into Googleand obtain free data sheets. They usually give noise specifications. 
The LT1007 is a better opamp. Regards, Chris Chapman


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