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Subject: Re: Representative stations?
From: Dan Bolser dan.bolser@.........
Date: Wed, 16 Mar 2011 14:11:00 +0000

Cheers Brett,

Indeed that visualization is incredibly cool, but I'm still not
getting my head round the argument.

Let me try again (I'm really sorry if this is coming over as trolling,
I'm just trying to understand properly): If I were to force you at
gunpoint to close one of those stations (from the YouTube
visualization) wouldn't you be more willing to close one in the middle
of the array rather than one scattered around?

If I forced you to close 50 stations, wouldn't you just thin out the
array in certain places rather than removing all the scattered

Perhaps I'm getting it wrong, and you would choose to keep the array
intact, and selectively remove the 'outliers'. I'd be interested to

Thanks again for the links to the very nice images.

P.S. I'm not proposing that we should close any stations! I'm just
wondering if I can use much less data to represent most of the
'information'. This is a concept from bioinformatics, where you can
trim a protein sequence database to 10% of its original size, yet keep
90% accuracy in terms of protein family identification of a query
sequence [1].


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