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Subject: Old equipment available from IRIS PASSCAL
From: Chad Trabant chad@...................
Date: Fri, 6 May 2011 14:29:50 -0700

Hello PSN,

The IRIS PASSCAL group has a number of old, and sometimes broken, REFTEK =
72A series data loggers and some related equipment available for the =
cost of shipment, offer expires May 30, 2011.  They will not disassemble =
the packaged boxes so a whole box must be requested and you must arrange =
and pay for shipment.  Boxes range from 6 to ~200 data loggers.  My =
understanding is that this equipment has been retired for good reason, =
i.e. some of it doesn't work and it's generally old and tired.  PASSCAL =
has also retired the software they used to talk to these loggers, but =
possibly some can be found on the internet.  At a bare minimum the case =
and connectors, etc. are still usable, whether that's worth the price of =
shipping is up to you.

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