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Subject: Re: Hydraulic Fracturing (Related to Seismic Monitoring)
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"There are also numerous documented cases in which fracking fluids leaked into aquifers and contaminated drinking water"

This is by far the most worrisome quality.

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Subject: Re: Hydraulic Fracturing (Related to Seismic Monitoring)


Is my imagination or are the Arkansas events slowly migrating westerly?

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Subject: Hydraulic Fracturing (Related to Seismic Monitoring)

Energy Dept. Panel to Revise Standards for Gas Extraction
See NY Times article By JOHN M. BRODER Published: May 6, 2011

Energy Secretary Steven Chu has asked the panelís seven experts, to be led by John Deutch, a former director of the Central 
Intelligence Agency and deputy defense secretary, to recommend within 90 days immediate steps to make fracking cleaner and safer. 
Mark Zoback, a panel member and professor of geophysics at Stanford, has been very critical of Hydraulic fracturing in his 
The group will have an additional three months to come up with comprehensive safety and environmental policies for state and federal 
regulators who oversee gas drilling.

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