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Subject: NEVADA EVENT ??? M2.7 ??? seen in Apache Junction ??
From: Geoffrey gmvoeth@...........
Date: Sun, 8 May 2011 14:21:44 +0000

Hello World,

Could Someone please look at the
following event to confirm or deny
that I have actually received a 2.7
from over 400 miles away ??

Just Posted to PSN events AS:
[GVA]: 110508.095400.hs-10b.psn  [Mag2.7_UTAH_2011May08_11:32:44_UTC]

I have looked at this event carefully and can not say
it is not real.

If this be so I believe what I found wrong with my preamplifier.
Simply, Do not filter within the very first stage if using
the geophone on the negative input. The feedback will
not be right to the geophone if you filter the feedback.
such a thing will decrease receiver sensitivity, or so it seems.


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