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Subject: Re: Italians charge seismologists.
From: Mauro Mariotti mariotti@.........
Date: Mon, 30 May 2011 10:19:11 +0200


i already posted a comment on this.
I know perfectly all question involved.
In this case it is not a problem of the vatican which constrain science 
like happened with Galileo.
It is question of corruption and bad political and scientifical habits.

Just to make an example, in italy seismic survey organization 
systematically reduce the magnitude of eq of 0.5 point of the richter scale.

The repeating song is always, don't worry, don't worry....for everything.

The political class is concerned only to the public opinion not to the fact.
Everybody of IESN (the italian PSN) was waiting the shake the night of 
5-6 april 2009. Because the seismic sequences in appenninian mountains 
are well known and the seismic sequence was strongly anomalous and 
sounded dangerous.
We know historical seismicity of the area.
Italy is an old continent with scientist operating (despite the vatican) 
since centuries ago.
We have detailed catalogues of the seismic site effect back to the 
romans. In italy we actually could make earthquake forecast.
Please notice: I said forecast, not prediction.

By the worst Giampaolo Giuliani spreaded his prediction that had sense 
(in my opinion) not because he invented a new system, but rather because 
he (like me and others) was convinced that the seismic sequence was 
Having he spreaded this catastrophic news the authorities felt damaged 
in their images and acted the opposite!!
Of course Giuliani acted following his conscience.
The court will judge if 7 people charged has followed their conscience 
or not.
The fact is that many many people re-entered in the home more or less 
forced by the Civil Defense instructed by the Risk Commitee.

There is a scientific article which shows that there is a correlation 
between corruption and deaths in area affected by natural disasters.
In italy we have too much corruption.

I am italian, i can only ask sorry and do my best to avoid this 
corruption habits.

I don't expect any justice...

Mauro Mariotti


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