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Subject: RE: event saving in winquake
From: Dave Nelson dave.nelson@...............
Date: Fri, 08 Jul 2011 08:43:29 +1000

Hi Steve
            hahaha  yes it was the next morning when I saw this response 
from you
  OK success!!  I had an older version of WQ on the SDR puter
it was V2.52  dont think it could handle the PSN4 type files
I am running  V2.89 on the main puter that was displaying my events ok
just D/L'ed V3.19 off Larry's site and installed on the SDR puter. Problem 
solved :)

Just one thing tho.....  to you Larry ....

You have removed the "View Only" button in the save window in this 
version  :(
any reason why ?    Now I  cant save the "zoomed in" view and have a long
spread out view   meaning I have to manually zoom in on every file I produce
and then review at a later date
    please put it back in since its still currently a Beta version  :)

or can you make an earlier version that has it, available for D/L   Thanks  :)


At 03:30 AM 8/07/2011, you wrote:
>Good morning Dave... (I couldn't resist that one) WQ and SDR on same
>computer??? I'm running them on the same computer but I think I'm using
>an older version on my data collection system; maybe somebody else on
>the list can help with this answer who is running the latest versions.
>However back to the issue at hand. As you moved the WinSDR file to main
>system and it works my guess is Winquake just needs to be re-installed
>on the data collection system as you stated below. Here is my
>suggestion, try uninstalling Winquake and then rebooting the system
>before a new clean install of just Winquake (WinSDR is fine and working
>don't mess with it). The other thing is, before you do that, on the data
>collection system only, Windows may not have the correct association of
>file type for Winquake files because of the old 4-letter name you first
>used or it may have just crashed during the install before setting up
>the association. Check to see if PSN event files extensions are
>associated with Winquake by just going into My Computer and after
>finding the folder with event files, double clicking on a file (left
>mouse button on my system). Does the system start Winquake and try to
>open that event file? If it does not, this is an association issue in
>the system settings. However, if you do a new clean install of Winquake,
>the install program should handle this for you and setup the association
>Regards, Steve  PSN San Jose


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