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Subject: Magnetic levitation (was:Re: Springs and Gravity or Magnetism)
From: Bob Smither bob@...........
Date: Mon, 08 Aug 2011 11:21:45 -0500

Geoffrey M. Voeth wrote:
> I'm Not Trying to be a smartass but,
> ShaZam ??? !!!
> Is there any way to make the magnetic thing be linear
> like possibly using a Hall effect sensor an electro magnet and a pid loop
> like a automobile speed control ?
> I am possibly thinking of using magnetic repulsion/attraction  to
> reduce the pull of gravity and thus increase the
> period of a vertical geophone ?
> You need an acceleration in the opposite direction
> not quite as powerful as the Earths ?
> Does not matter what causes the acceleration in
> the opposite direction (UP) ?
> Any ideas in how to do such a thing ?
> Regards,
> geoff

Hi Geoff

With the understanding that I may be wrong, I will comment.  The 
geophones that I am familiar with have a suspended coil arranged to cut 
the lines of a fixed (to the case) permanent magnet.  Adding an external 
magnetic field might increase or decrease the sensitivity (Volts / m / 
sec) but I don't see how it could change the period.  AFAIK the 
suspended coil form is non-magnetic.



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