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Subject: Re: Magnetic levitation
From: Bob Smither bob@...........
Date: Tue, 16 Aug 2011 22:40:33 -0500

gmvoeth wrote:
> Youd use something like a permenant magnet with an
> electro magnet in combination to either attract
> or repel or both in opposition to the pull
> of gravity thus anti gravity to the point of
> reducing the gravity as if it will
> produce a 5 or more second period from
> an otherwise  one second device.

This would work, just, AFAIK, not with a geophone as originally 
proposed.  Again, the suspended mass in a geophone is not magnetic - the 
coil form is (I think) aluminum and of course the coil is copper.  The 
magnet is fixed to the case.  If someone knows differently, please 
correct me.

I tried some experiments along the lines you describe.  The experimental 
pendulum weight was a strong permanent magnet oriented up - down.  By 
placing the magnet in an (approximate) Helmholtz coil the effective pull 
of gravity can be reduced.  I managed to increase the period of a small 
(86") pendulum from 2.96 seconds to 5.02 seconds.  Reversing the current 
in the coil,as expected, gives shorter periods.  While encouraging, the 
result was unsatisfactory as the pendulum bob (the magnet) had a 
tendency to be drawn off center at higher magnet currents.  I have not 
had the opportunity to improve on my first crude experiment.

> You would need to reduce g to like 15.79 inches per sec^2
> instead of its average of 386.088in/sec^2.

To accomplish what?  I was shooting for a 10 second period, but as noted 
above did not get there.

> please excuse me for the delay in answering but i destroyed my win7
> by installing this program for backup then it refused to uninstall
> so i tried it manually only ending up to reinstall the entire os.
> it always takes me a long time to reinstall. i think i will
> use windows7 partition imager this time instead of just
> system restore.
> I have yet to find a ghosting prpgram that works to my liking.
> Id like to create a duplicate OS in a hidden partition
> but I think those days are over with the newer systems using
> NTFS with all that security crapola?

Have you tried Linux?

Best regards,

Bob Smither

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