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Subject: unable to read some posted files in WQ
From: Dave Nelson dave.nelson@...............
Date: Sun, 28 Aug 2011 13:44:21 +1000

hi guys,

    maybe some one has a bright idea and tell me, if so, what I may be 
doing wrong

there are a number of files that contributors post to the events processor list
that I am unable to open. here's a list of those I have discovered so far.....

George Bush's ones   end in    xxxx.src.psn
some one else ---  xxxx.td4a.psn
some one else --- xxxx.l15b.psn
some one else --- xxxx.rem.psn
Michael Phillips --- xxxx.velocity.psn
Michael Phillips --- xxxx.acceln.psn

Yes I am running the latest ver of WQ  .... V3.1.8b4
its running on XP Home with SP3

Have already spoken to Michael via email, he's not aware of anything weird in
his setup.  Am I the only one or are other people having probs opening all
files submitted ?
   Usually a box in WQ opens saying " unknown file type"

Yes the files have been associated with WQ as can be seen by the WQ icon
on the file when looking in win. explorer



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