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Subject: Re: Earthquake Reports Accuracy
From: Dave Nelson dave.nelson@...............
Date: Mon, 07 Nov 2011 06:58:08 +1100

Hey Jerry

I can appreciate depth accurcay may be a bit difficult but I am suprised that their
epic location is pretty poor. What I really cant understand is why they dont seem
to use the location data from the local network operation organisations.

This is so apparent back in my home country of New Zealand.  The locations and
magnitudes bear NO resemblence at all to the data produced by the main NZ
organisation, the GNS (Geological and Nuclear Sciences).  These guys have a
good dense network right across NZ and escpecially in the Christchurch region
over the last 14 months since all those large destructive events.

  The USGS reported magnitudes are often up to 0.5 of a magnitude or more out.
And usually its always lower. and up to 10 km of horizontal distance out.
a recent aftershock was Mb 5.5 (GNS) reported at Mb 4.7 by USGS  and  ~10km
 further east... offshore rather than onshore.... thats a hell of a difference !!!

 So I think to myself, if they are that far out with their reports for regions I have access to real data from. How bad are their reports from all those events from
the rest of the world ??


At 10:59 AM 6/11/2011 -0600, you wrote:
I have a question as to how accurate are the Depth and Location reports coming from USGS. 
As I understand it, USGS reports =E2=80=9C5 km=E2=80=9D as a depth which= could be anywhere from the surface to 26,400 feet down.  I also wonder how accurate the epicenter is pinpointed.  Anyone know?

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