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Subject: Re: Is our quake time correct?
From: Bob Smither bob@...........
Date: Thu, 22 Dec 2011 10:05:13 -0600

chrisatupw@....... wrote:
> Jim Hannon jmhannon@......... 
> Subject: Re: Is our quake time correct?
> Here is a good explanation of the situation.
> Basically there should be no problem as the receiver should read the UTC 
> offset information and correct. Especially a receiver that has been 
> running all along.
> Hi Jim, 
>     It is fine if you get your UTC directly off the satellites, but 
> some of us use on-line time servers and there may be a transmission 
> delay over the www.

I received a small quantify of old field hardened Ref-Tek GPS units from 
government surplus.  I think they would survive an atomic blast :-).  They 
feature a 1 PPS pulse and an RS232 output every second that has UTC.

Several of them work.  If interested (you can have one for the cost of shipping 
it to you) let me know.

Bob Smither

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