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Subject: Year field error 2001 - 2010 in WinSDR
From: jonfr@.........
Date: Sat, 31 Dec 2011 20:13:01 -0500


I wish everyone a happy new year.

I am now dealing with rather interesting bug in WinSDR. This bug appears
to be that I can no longer save traces due to "Year field error - Range
2001 - 2010". In basic, WinSDR has become unable to save traces due to
this software bug because it is now the year 2012.

I have confirmed this bug in two WinSDR client that I am running. This bug
only appears after I try to start using the replay. After I start using
the replay feature in WinSDR this error window does not dissapear in
normal running mode. I am using latest version of WinSDR on my earthquake
computers (three at the moment). My main earthquake computer is down for
the next few months until I move back to Denmark.

It would be nice if everyone here that are using WinSDR can confirm this
bug here. So Larry can fix it after the new year. I just hope that no data
is lost due to this bug.

Regards and happy new year,
Jón Frímann.


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