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Subject: Re: Chelyabinsk
From: Mark Robinson mark.robinson@...............
Date: Thu, 21 Feb 2013 09:35:09 +1300

On 21/02/13 08:59, Steinar Midtskogen wrote:
> Thomas Dick  writes:
>> Could I suggest you look at my Facebook post.....not sure if I am
>> right but this site seems to correlate ....
>> and toward the bottom of my page
>> .... there is a Russian
>> helicorder gif and some comments on this subject....was I on the right
>> track
> Is it because I'm unfamiliar with Facebook that I don't see your post,
> or is the post only visible to friends?
> Yes, as someone said, it's an atmospheric event, but isn't there a
> possibility that geophones could pick that up?  The infrasound will
> make the ground shake, but I'm not sure if that would happen 1000+ km
> away from an event like this.
> My geophones are 3000 km away, but unfortuneatly the arrival of the
> infrasound occurred precisely at the time of the morning activity in
> our house, so even if there is a weak signal there, it's hard to find
> because of local noise.

I think it would be largely below the frequency response of most geophones. Not 
too sure whether it would couple well enough to the ground to overcome the 
noise either.




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