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Subject: Core Angular Velocity VS Surface of the Earth Angular Velocity
From: Geoff gmvoeth@.........
Date: Tue, 26 Feb 2013 20:14:42 +0000

Hey Yous guys,
Howabout this idea ?

The moon puts a drag on the Earth
slowing the rotation down and making
the days longer.

The center of the Earth is somewhat isolated from
the Mantel by a liquid outer core.

What is to say that the center rotated at a faster
angular velocity than the mantel part ??

This makes a motor which can stir up the
liquid outer core and somehow generate the
magnetic field ??

Energy is being imparted into the liquid core
causing slow currents or whatever.

Any ideas along this line ??

Of course the core is slowing also
but still lags behind what the moon is doing
at the surface.

The cores momentum is being slowly sapped
by the loss of magnetic energy to Entropy ??
Or, by drag of the viscus outer core fluids ?

I know scientist have said there is a
velocity difference but no one says
this drives our magnetic field ??


It is by the Entropy, That I set my mind in Motion.
Entropy is the seeking of equilibrium.
It is by the Entropy that, I set my mind in motion.


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