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Subject: Oregon USA: Is the coast of Oregon a Scarp?
From: Geoff gmvoeth@.........
Date: Sun, 17 Mar 2013 00:10:11 +0000

Hello PSN,

Does anyone know for sure whether or not that
vertical cliff off the coast of Oregon is or is not an eq Scarp ?

If it is not an eq scarp then how do you know for sure that is true ?

Whatever made that cliff happened so fast that erosion
has not been a factor in softening its features ?

Just like to know; how everyone is so sure, its NOT an Earthquake fault 
scarp at the Coast of Oregon, USA ?

Cause if that is a scarp I'd say that Oregon, too, can have
great earthquakes, and not just Washington.

It is by the Entropy, That I set my mind in Motion.
Entropy is the seeking of equilibrium.
It is by the Entropy that, I set my mind in motion.


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