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Subject: Re: Oregon Coast USA - Tsunami Risk
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>From: Kay Wyatt 
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>Subject: Re: Oregon Coast USA -Tsunami Risk
>This publication shows earthquake potential along the Oregon Coast
>Notice especially the Cascadia earthquake timeline for the last 10,000
>years on the bottom of page 8.
>This publication talks about the similarity of the Oregon Coast to that
>of the Japanese Coast
>Kay Wyatt
>Hi Kay,
>      Reading through the articles makes me mighty glad that I DON'T
>live on the Oregon Coast ! The Coast Highway looks very vulnerable.
>    Do you have a strong motion seismic monitor / detector, yet ?
>    How about life jackets and all terrain cross country "escape" motor
>bikes ??? Just 20 minutes to get to high ground is NOT very long!
>Looking at the map of Depoe Bay, there seem to be some reasonable
>hills that you could "escape to".
>    But the geologists seem to have made an assumption as to how big
>any future tsunami is likely to be (which is carefully NOT mentioned!).
>Presumably, this is based on some sound measurement - like the
>previous tsunami inundations in river valleys ?
>    With what accuracy can you measure how the land levels have
>changed over the millennia ?
>        Are they calculating for the largest tsunami on record and with what
>'safety margin', or on the average, or what ? Supposing that either the
>next tsunami is bigger that the previous ones, or that the geologists
>have got their rather difficult historical calculations of earthquake
>magnitudes and tsunami flooding a bit wrong ? What sort of safety
>margin has been 'built in' ? If any ?
>    Regards,
>    Chris Chapman
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