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Subject: Re: Photos of the insides of an STS-2
From: "sismos@...............
Date: Sun, 05 May 2013 16:31:33 -0500

Hi Geoff,

Now that you mention it, one company asked nicely that I now put up 
pictures of the insides of their seismometer.  They did admit that once 
the unit was mine I was free to open it (and void the warranty) and that 
they could do nothing to stop me from posting the pictures.  Since they 
asked nicely I will not be posting one manufacture.  They said their 
stuff was patented and I said that once patented anyone could download 
the patent.

Their are lots of tear-down places on the web for just about anything 
electronic.  I am not sure what all the fuss is about. Once they sell 
the the thing it is infact mine.

Maybe I will have to sign a "don't look inside" document to get my next 

I am going to put up some pictures of the insides of an L-4 one hertz 
geophone next



BTW,  I live in Panama

> I guess you can call me "chicken" because
> showing the guts to NEW things might
> be called reverse engineering.
> I have made agreements with companies
> which I worked for that threw the fear of
> GOD into your soul about making such
> things public. Maybe it does not apply to
> the general public. Maybe you are located
> in a country where reverse engineering
> would not make you be a spy.
> If the technology is more than like 10 years old
> and the patent has died then no problemo.
> People must pay monies to keep their
> patent in force, not everyone is willing
> to do this. Good luck, and may the force
> be with you.
> But if its any consolation, those companies I worked for
> would use their best minds to tear into other
> peoples products looking for undocumented features.
> To me thats one industry going against its own
> value system.
> The law is so complex and screwed up
> when it comes to science and technology.
> People are afraid of their own shadows.
> HERE, It might get someone more like a witch trial
> rather than real justice.
> I'm in the USA, what country are you from ?
> Regards,
> geoff


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