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Subject: RE: amplifier noise
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Date: Sun, 7 Jul 2013 09:47:31 +1000

Hi Bob, the 741 is a good GP amplifier, once you refine your circuit you can
use better low noise op-amps.
To test, Try running you circuit from batteries, the switch mode supplies
may be generating heaps of noise/hash


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Subject: Re: amplifier noise

On 07/06/2013 01:04 PM, JAMES RIDOUT wrote:
> Hello all, Sorry to be a pain, But ive just built the two 741 opamp 
> circuits, Ive been very carefull with construction, but in getting a 
> lot of noise!, if I unplug the feed from the coil im getting the data 
> value (in amaseis), jumping about 1000 points +&-.
> im using two 12v switch mode power supplies.
>   Im not great at electronics, but I know the basics.
> Im using a dataq 194.
>   Any help would be great!.
>      Thanks,   James

Hi James,

The 741 is not considered a low noise amplifier.  Take a look at the Linear
Tech LT1007, for example.

It would help determine if what you are seeing is expected if we knew:

  circuit diagram (do you have link?)
  brand / model of power supply (switch mode is often pretty noisy)

The Dataq 194 is only 10 bits (counts of -512 to +512) so not sure I
understand the +/- 1000 counts observed.  Maybe something from Amaseis (I
don't use that)?

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