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Subject: Re: Linux & WINSdr
From: Larry Cochrane lcochrane@..............
Date: Mon, 15 Jul 2013 23:39:11 -0700

Hi Bob,

Lets keep this on the PSN list so others can learn how to run WinSDR and WinQuake on 
Linux/Wine. What version of Linux are you using? One of my main problems with Linux 
is there are too many Linux distribution out there...

Your problem may be that Nmserial1 may not be the hardware com port on your system or 
you have a permission problem. You may need to try other device numbers or names. One 
thing you can try is a USB to RS-232 Serial adapter. If you look in your /dev/ 
directory before and after you plug in the device you should see the new USB/Serial 
device. The new device name should then be used in the ln (link) command to let Wine 
know what physical device to use for com1.

If you do try a USB to RS-232 adapter you should get one based on the FTDI chip set. 
Adapters, and the Windows/Linux drivers that FTDI have available, seem to work pretty 
well under Windows and Linux.

Larry Cochrane
Redwood City, PSN

On 7/14/2013 3:35 PM, Bob Hancock wrote:
> Hi Larry -
> THANKS for everything - I am experiencing a few problems, mainly I am unable to get the com port open..  I have an old Version 1 data logger and its connected to the computer through a serial port (DB9).  I took a look at WinSdr and following is what is says for com port:
> 	Com - 4\Device\Nmserial1
> I need to understand UNIX more and right now that is my Achilles heal.
> Don't worry, I am not giving up - I just need to educate myself in this are.
> Thanks Again for everything
> Bob

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