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Subject: Re: Linux & WINSdr
From: Bob Hancock raptor@.......
Date: Thu, 18 Jul 2013 18:06:04 -0700

Hi Larry -

The computer that I am working with has six USB slots and two RS-232 =
slots.  I have checked the six USB slots and they are ALL active whether =
in both Windows XP, or Linux.  I have received the RS-232 to USB plug =
with the FTDI Chip, and it works fine with WinSDR in Windows XP.=20

When I type 'lsusb' any device plugged into a USB slot shows up.

Yes, I am using the link (ln) command just as you have written without =
the '  '

When I type ls /dev/USB   I get the following:  ls: cannot access =
dev/USB: No such file or directory

The difficulty I am experiencing is getting WinSDR to work on either a =
USB or RS-232 slot with Linux.  The FTDI plug made the difference on =
Windows, but I need to do a little more work with Linux before it will =

Thanks for your input.  It is appreciated.

Bob Hancock

On Jul 18, 2013, at 4:57 PM, Larry Cochrane  =

> Bob, what do you get if you type this in a terminal 'ls /dev/*USB*' =
(without the '')? Have you been using the ln (link) command documented =
on this page when trying =
different devices before starting Wine/WinSDR?
> Regards,
> -Larry


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