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Subject: Re: Any help or knowledge on Everlert 6000 Vibra-Tech Seismograph
From: chrisatupw@.......
Date: Fri, 2 Aug 2013 07:36:48 -0400 (EDT)

From: Jerry Chafee 
Sent: Sat, 27 Jul 2013 19:10
Subject: Any help or knowledge on Everlert 6000 Vibra-Tech Seismograph

Hello all,
I have an Everlert 6000 Seismograph originally used by Vibra-Tech
Engineers. This was a portable seismograph unit with a printer in the
top lid, originally used in the mining industry. It dates from the
1990=E2=80=99s. =C2=A0Using Google, I have seen references to the governmen=
t using
it in 1995. It appeared to be a replacement for the Everlert II which
dated back to the 80=E2=80=99s. A picture and specs are shown at

pages 138 and 139.
Frequency response is 2 =E2=80=93 250Hz Seismic and Sound

****Hi Jerry,
    This would be fine for use with mines, etc, but maybe not so good
for recording earthqakes, particularly the very distant ones.
You need a response down to 0.5 Hz to pick up the S and P waves.
The L & R surface waves would not be detected at all. And you
definitely don't need a bandwidth of 250 Hz with the large amount of
data this needs to be recorded.
    Geophones are usually used in these instruments. The specification
of 2 Hz suggests that 4.5 Hz geophones were probably used - they
would be a factor of x5 down in sensitivity at 2 Hz. Open up the unit=20
see what type numbers are printed on them ?
The sensitivity may be a bit low for detecting earthquakes - mine blasts
tend to be a lot closer and much more violent.
This unit has a very limited keyboard with an up/down/Last Menu/Enter
button. There is a special button under a screw on the cover that is
hidden. It looks like it was meant to only be pushed for some special
case (it is not a battery disconnect) =C2=A0It also has An RS-232 port, and
a special printer port for the included (but optional) printer. =C2=A0
I have the main unit, Geophone, LF Microphone, Microphone stand
(attaches to unit), printer in printer lid, standard non-printer lid,
connecting cables, DC power cable, and a couple of EPROMs (they call
them =E2=80=9CData Modules=E2=80=9D). It has an exposed portion that houses=
(=E2=80=9CData Module=E2=80=9D=C2=A0in a =E2=80=9CZero Insertion Force=E2=
=80=9D socket, and an accompanying
LED which I would suspect would show access, but it never lights up.
When I put batteries in it and attempt to power it up, I get a reading
on the LCD display stating =E2=80=9CDownload Program=E2=80=9D. The system d=
nothing else, except displays a =E2=80=9CPower Save =E2=80=93 Press any but=
ton to
continue=E2=80=9D message after a short time.
The DC power /charging cord appears to do nothing. There is a light on
the cover which I know should light up when DC power is applied, but
nothing happens.
****Check for any fuses ? They may be hidden inside the unit. You will
probably have to open the unit up and check in sequence for wiring /
circuit / component failures.  =C2=A0

I have attempted to contact the company. They still make high end
seismograph equipment, and they were nice about it. However they
stated that they do not keep any data on any older seismographic
****Really ? Why not ? Incidentally, I don't believe them. Any
competent company keeps very detailed records.
I am desperately trying to find any information on this unit such as a
operator manual (and what would really be nice would be a Service
****There are several web sites which sell manuals for old equipment.
I suggest that you also try going to the following address :-=C2=A0
At the bottom of the page, there are two computer programs which you
can download.  I suspect that one of them might be for 'old' equipment.
   Was there a program on any of the Eprom chips ? You might need to
reload the program into RAM every time the seismometer is switched
on ? The bandwidth of 250 Hz suggests that quite a fast processor must
be used. Do you know what the resolution the ADC has ? 8 bits is really
not too useful for recording Earthquakes, but might be OK for mine=20
Check the type numbers on the chips ?
Check the handbook for the current equipment - companies tend to
'develop' their software and make it more complicated - NOT re-write=20
whole lot !

     Sorry that I can't be of further help - I have never seen one of=20
these units.
Good luck with the project anyway !

    Chris Chapman


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