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Subject: Linux / WinSDR
From: Bob Hancock raptor@.......
Date: Sun, 18 Aug 2013 08:59:02 -0700

Hi Larry -

Up and running with Linux and WinSDR.  I loaded Ubuntu, but experienced =
a problem and could not get a proper load with Wine=85=85.not certain =
why.  I took one more try with LinuxMint and WinSDR came up with no =
problems.  I checked this on two different computers and WinSDR works =
fine on both of them.

It was necessary to use the DB9 to USB plug with the FTDI chip set.

Linux is not difficult, but there are some differences that I have had =
to learn and overcome which may have contributed to my initial problems. =

THANKS for all your help and the modifications to the programs to run =
with Linux.

Bob Hancock=

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