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Subject: VNC WinSDR WinQuake
From: Thomas Dick thomasdick@.......
Date: Sun, 08 Sep 2013 10:07:36 -0500

Anyone seen this problem; the monitor display on my network computers 
upstairs will lock up for minutes or more at a time when viewing the 
seismic computer screen data (on the basement computer). The seismic 
computer seems to do its job and collects seismic data and displays it 
OK.  All the data is stored and retrievable. All other computer monitors 
display is hesitant. WinSDR Replay and Winquake manipulations are slow. 
If the monitor screen is right clicked (upstairs computers)  it will 
immediately catch up. I removed all data over two weeks old from the 
main drive of the seismic computer, (75 GB hard drive with 55 GB of free 
space running XP @ 2.5 GHz with  1.5 GB of ram on board). I run a small 
network (all computers running XP are at least as fast as the one 
collecting seismic data; one is running Windows 7).  All computers 
behave the same way and are connected using cable and VNC. The seismic 
computer is never accessed by more than one computer at a time. Screen 
display is 94 lines and redraw 40....screen resolution is 1290x1024 at 
32 bit color....the monitor on the basement computer collecting the 
seismic data seems to have normal/correct display with no tardiness. VNC 
was recently updated


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