TCP/IP Server / Client Feature

TCP/IP Server:

If this feature is enabled using the Systems Settings dialog box, WinSDR will allow other WinSDR or WinPlotGPS systems to receive real-time A/D and or GPS data using a TCP/IP connection. The connection can be over a internal LAN or over the Internet, if the user has a fast enough Internet connection. To receive data over a TCP/IP connection, the WinSDR or WinPlotGPS programs must be configured as TCP/IP Clients. Currently up to 8 clients can simultaneously connect to WinSDR and receive data over a TCP/IP connection. This feature should not be confused with the TCP/IP connection between WinSDR and the ADC board using a RS-232 to Ethernet bridge adapter.  

WinSDR now supports sending out packets in the MiniSeed format. Packets are 512 bytes long and encoded using Steim 2 compression.  This is the same format as the Live Internet Seismic Server (LISS) system. The Earthworm module LISS2EW under Windows has been tested with the MiniSeed packets sent out by the program. Our WinSDR to Earthworm (Ws2Ew) module can also be used to import the ADC data into an Earthworm data ring.

One or more channels must be enabled before WinSDR will send MiniSeed packets. The MSeed Send check box in the Channel Settings dialog box is used to control what channels will be sent to the client. If no channels are enabled the connection will be dropped. In the WinSDR Server/Client mode all channels are sent to the client. Currently there is no way of enable/disabling individual channels.

 The packet type, either WinSDR or MiniSeed, sent to the client will depend on how the client connects to WinSDR. When a WinSDR client connects to a server system, a dialog is established between the two systems and the server will send WinSDR packets. If a client connects to the server and does not send any commands, WinSDR after a 5 second timeout period, will switch to the MiniSeed mode.

There are two ways to send data to a remote WinSDR or Ws2Ew client. The server can be configured to connect to the client by enabling the Connect to Client at check box and entering the IP Address or host name of the remote system. With the Connect to Client at check box uncheck WinSDR will listen for connections on the port specified in the Listen/Connect Port field. 

Allow IP File:

If the file allow.txt is located in the root WinSDR directory, WinSDR will check to see if the IP address of the client is located in the file. If the IP address is found, the client will be allowed to remain connected and receive A/D or GPS data. NOTE: If the file is not found or if there are no valid IP address in the file, WINSDR will allow all connections.

If you would like to restrict access to your system, you will need to create this file with a text editor and enter one or more IP addresses that can have access to the WinSDR server. You should only place one IP address per line. Any comment lines starting with a ! will be ignored. The IP address can have the wild-card character * as one of the subnets. Example: Entering 10.0.0.* will allow all IP address in the to range to connect to the WinSDR server. Only IP address should be entered in the allow.txt (except comments). Host names like should not be used in the allow.txt file. 

TCP/IP Client:

In this mode, WinSDR receives the A/D data from a WinSDR system configured to be a TCP/IP Server. Once the connection is established, the real-time window will be updated with the data sent by the WinSDR server. 

In the client mode, all of the normal data processing features like event detection, saving data to a daily record file, etc. should work the same as if the program were receiving the data directly from the A/D board.

Additional Information:

WinPlotGPS can receive GPS data from the GPS receiver connected up to the 16-Bit Serial Output A/D board. To use this feature you will need to have the current firmware release installed on the Version I A/D board. This firmware release allows WinSDR to receive A/D data and GPS data at the same time. WinPlotGPS receives the GPS data through a TCP/IP connection between the program and WinSDR.

To view the GPS data in WinPlotGPS you first need to enable the TCP/IP Server feature in WinSDR. See above for more information. WinPlotGPS is then configured to be a TCP/IP Client. When WinPlotGPS connects to WinSDR, WinSDR will request that the A/D board send GPS data down the RS-232 line. This data is received by WinSDR, placed into packets and then sent to WinPlotGPS. For more information, see the WinPlotGPS documentation.

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