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Thanks for your reply. I intend on using the just the DATAQ to display
the signal behavior. I'm not sure how to in/decrease the gain on the
DATAQ software. I'll try to read over the manual more carefully.

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Hi Kareem,

The AmaSeis program that Alan Jones wrote works with the now-unavailable
DATAQ 151-RS AD unit.  I understand that Alan has agreed to modify the
program so that the 154 unit can also be used, but I'm not sure how soon
this will happen as I don't think he as a 154 unit to play with yet.

When you look at the signal from the PS2 with the 154 AD and the DATAQ
software, do you have the gain on the DATAQ display set to it's maximum?
The pen and the DATAQ trace should do the same thing, but it may be that
when the gain is set high enough for the DATAQ it is too high for the
pen.  Do you plan on using both at the same time, or just using the

The PS2 gain should be set so that when the DATAQ display gain is at the
maximum you can just see the background noise.  In other words, you want
to use up only a few of the available AD counts on the noise so that
when a larger signal of interest comes in you have lots of head room
left to get a good recording without clipping.

I don't have a PS2 or the schematics for one so don't know how amplified
the signal is on pin "C."  Perhaps someone on the list does.

Hope this helps!

At 10:54 PM 3/9/2002, you wrote:
>I have the DATAQ 154-RS, the newer version. I'm not sure how to 
>calibrate it. Can anyone help? I have it connected to a Kinemetrics PS2

>system. It's connected to pin "C" of the Ps2. I think that I have it 
>connected properly because if I increase the gain on the PS2 the DataQ 
>software responds. But there signal is not behaving as the pin on the 
>drum is. It seems the pin will continuously move even when the gain is 
>set low. It's not until I increase the gain on the Ps2 all the way to 
>end of the dial, that I begin to actually see the signal in the DataQ 
>software respond. But shouldn't both pin and signal on my screen behave

>nearly the same? Also I can't get the AmaSeis software to pickup the 
>signal. Any tips?


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