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Subject: Re: AD Converter Modification
From: "a.rodriguez" stuff@.................
Date: Mon, 24 Feb 2003 06:52:04 -0500

Hello Richard,

Serial to USB converters are in the mid $20.00 ands work quite well.
Just do a google with "usb serial converter" and you will see.

I agree that USB is becoming more and more common, but most computers
that are usually pressed into data logging service have one if not
more serial ports.

Sunday, February 23, 2003, 9:23:26 PM, you wrote:

RD> I am from Colorado School of Mines and currently am working on a 
RD> seismometer to be mass produced for general education classroom use.  
RD> We have been using the DATAQ instruments DI-194RS starter kit, but is 
RD> not really streamlined for what we need it for.  I was thinking about 
RD> an AD converter that only has two input, and outputs to a USB port, 
RD> since it is becoming a mainstream method of PC input.  I am not really 
RD> sure how to go about modifying and AD converter in such a manner.  If 
RD> anyone has any insight, could you please assist?




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